Justin Wilcke Responds to WorldStar Comments


This is the letter I wrote to KFC


Dear, KFC
I sit here today in your KFC mega domain in Miraflores, Lima, Peru to sink my face in the delicious, non-genetically engineered, hormone-free chicken of the great country of Peru. I use this chicken as a brief escape from the “3rd World” into something I like to consider a little closer to home. As doo-doo time rolls around I look forward to finally dropping a chocolate plop in a bathroom of American standards. I enter the bathroom and all seems well. The smell is fine and the faces are full content and the glee of post-chicken wasting. As I push open the door of the stall my stomach drops when I realize the toilet has no seat and is not to orginal standards that I had hoped. What the fuck? I thought you cared about the customer. This is proof that your coorporation does not care about our well being. You’re only in it to provide the bare minimum by cultural standards and turn the largest amount of profit . This should be considered a war-crime and a hate-crime. Please, I plee with you, buy some fucking toilet seats before someone gets herpes. The colonel would be ashamed.
Your, Truely
Justin Wilcke
Concerned Customer