DeviatedTours: Tequila Hostel – Guadalajara, México


Slow Burn

“Campaigning for 15k”
In 2010 I started a website called It had its ups and downs but in the end generated allot of views; over 5 Million on various sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, ILPvideo, WorldStarHipHop and others. Through this moderate success I was introduced to the game of video production and small scale marketing. I was also put in touch with some important contacts and gained allot of knowledge that will help advance my brand in the future. When 2013 hit I knew it was time for change. I just got back from a life changing experience in South America and was beginning to mix a documentary about exactly what had gone down. I realized if I wanted to bring my project to a higher level I had to do a little rebranding. Although I support the legalization and use of marijuana full-heartedly, the social taboos associated with my brand MrGRASSys were too heavy and overbearing for this day in age. My history as was bright and the future of my new site is epic. My goal is to sell 1 million copies of my documentary “Deviated Septum” through itunes at $5 a pop, including a Full Original Soundtrack (15 Songs). I know, high expectations. It may take 5 years but I believe one day the whole world will know my story.
After graduating college with a degree in Spanish I took my talents to La Paz, Bolivia where I was working as a bar manager of two hostel bars. This is where my problems, and also the most amazing experience of my life began. When you have a position of power in a place like this it is not uncommon to be approached by the mafia. Especially when your position involves dealing with allot of their potential customers. This is exactly what happened, and because I was not willing to acquiesce their requests, I was put in a very dangerous situation and forced to leave town. This film reflects exactly what happened with the mafia and the epic journey through South America it sent me on afterwards.
Today I launched my pitch for $15,000 on I plan to use this money to step my equipment game up and travel nationwide promoting my documentary at various film festivals television stations, radio stations, newspapers and other media outlets as well, documenting my experience along the way. Feel free to support me if you’re down with the cause. With every level of donation the donors will receive various collectors items associated with the documentary including signed DVDs and Soundtracks, which will not be available to the general public, along with many other cool ass things as well.
The Revolution in Low Resolution.