La Economía

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The world’s economy is a complicated thing. It’s much deeper than even some experts would imagine. It brings into question; what is value? For example the exchange rate of the Peruvian Sol to the US Dollar is approximately 2.5/1 meaning 2.5 Soles equals about 1 US Dollar. That being said, the Peruvian Sol has more buying power in Peru than the US Dollar in the United States.  For example, in Peru a full meal (a soup and a full plate of food) can be purchased from 2.5-5 soles. In the USA a meal of similar standards would go for 5-10 dollars. Taking this into account one can still bring their USDs to Peru and exchange them for their “adequate” counterpart of Peruvian Soles.   But if 300 soles a month can buy a better quality of life in Peru than 300 USDs in the USA, What makes the USD more valuable than the Peruvian Sol. Is it the price we set for our products? For example, a meal at McDonalds in Portland , OR is the same price as a meal at McDonalds in Cusco, Peru (about 5 USDs or 12.5 Soles)  making McDonalds a higher end restaurant in Peru. Therefore what is a cheap meal in the USA is a meal at prestige prices in Peru. But why would Peruvians pay prestige prices for McDonalds?  American media is a powerful epidemic that has spread its way through the world and helped solidify our economic power. E.g. We love to melt our brains watching girls with big tits jump in shark tanks covered in lambs blood and the world does too, but they’re not as good at it, so they steal from us and copy us… But how does this relate to economics and McDonalds?  People love to buy our shit products, like McDonalds, at our shit prices, for one because they are irresponsibly delicious and for 2 because Bart Simpson and the big titted woman covered in lambs blood told them to.  So really our economies power comes from our ability to convince people that our economy is powerful..


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