El Lucho


There is a man in Peru. His name is Luis. He goes by Lucho. He has been traveling the world and selling handcrafted jewelry for 40 years. One day I was having a very rough time, I had eaten nothing but a couple pieces of bread and I had been walking the streets for 12 hours trying to sell cookies to the rich snobs of Lima with no success. He walked up to me and asked me for a cookie. He bought it and then we parted ways. He could tell I was down on my luck. So he stopped me as I was walking away and bought another. He then invited me to a meal at Burger King. It was the most delicious and rewarding Burger King I had ever eaten in my life. He then told me to meet him the next day in Kennedy Park where he sells art every day for a living. I met him there and he gave me a bunch of art and jewelery making supplies and began to teach me the techniques of his craft. We have been meeting daily since then and he has been teaching me bit by bit so I can help support myself in my travels by selling jewelery. Not only did he give a man a meal but he also tought him to fish or however the fucking phrase goes. Please support his facebook page and humanity as a whole by liking. If you’re going to get someone jewelry please send him message and get it from him. You could buy it from some snobby white bitch who probably bought her shit from Michaels Crafts or you could buy beautiful, rare, handcrafted Peruvian art from the real deal.


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